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Female Student


  • we have a large number of applicants

  • we will make a preliminary selection of applicants on the spot for you

  • test their language skills and motivation

  • find suitable candidates for you

  • we will serve interns and specialists from the moment they arrive in Germany and throughout the entire period of study

A large number of applicants

Specialists of medical practical assistance
Healthcare, nursing, ambulance service, Obstetrics, dentistry specialists
Elderly Care Professionals
Child care professionals and caregivers
Specialists/Temporary workers for organic agriculture
Truck drivers

On-site conditions for learning basic skills:

• Temporary division of on-site training: 30-40% school - 70-60% company

• Basis: German study framework and curriculum as well as exam rules adapted to local framework conditions.

• Special training courses for local vocational school teachers and trainers run by German companies.

• Availability and continuous addition of minimum equipment on the territory of school workshops

Preparation for dual education in Germany:

• Training of basic professional skills on site

• German lessons (A1-B2 depending on the profession)

• Seminars to familiarize them with professional and daily life in Germany.

• Seminars on labor and life safety.

• Preliminary selection of students on the spot

• Organization of the selection procedure

• Assistance in obtaining visas, insurance, tickets, etc.

We take care

• from the moment you arrive (transfer from FGH, accommodation at your destination, etc.)

• Search for housing and institutions

• Account opening

• Language teaching courses

• Optional as needed

We act as a permanently available contact person throughout the training period.

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