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Demographic changes have a particular impact on the current situation in the labor market: the number of jobs and training places exceeds the number of applicants in some areas.

The decline in the birth rate has a negative impact on economic development.

We help counteract this by selecting interns and specialists for you.


  • have a large number of candidates from Central Asia, including in scarce professions

  • find for you candidates with appropriate knowledge of the German language (from A1 to B2).

Our applicants

  • have practical experience and knowledge of the German language

  • ready to live and work in the countryside


  • have a good chance as a company to hire motivated professionals

  • hire the best interns after graduation


As a multinational team, we attach particular importance to professionalism, the quality of our services, and customer convenience.

Our responsibility:


A functioning economy always needs talent. We act in accordance with the motto: "Investment in education is an investment in the future".

We support young people from Central Asia and increase their mobility opportunities.

Business Team

Your Benefits

As a company, you benefit from hiring interns and specialists from Central Asia.

The main advantages for you:

  • Admission of interns and qualified employees with practical experience and knowledge of the German language.

  • Regular costs for interns and specialists from Central Asia, the same as when hiring German candidates

  • High motivation and flexibility of students and professionals from Central Asia: the desire to study and work in rural areas.

  • Opening a new business thanks to the linguistic and intercultural experience of professionals

  • Promoting Internationalization

Our services

  • we have a large number of applicants

  • we will make a preliminary selection of applicants on the spot for you

  • test their language skills and motivation

  • find suitable candidates for you

  • we will serve interns and specialists from the moment
    they arrive in Germany and throughout the entire period of study